Kid’s Portion Size Matters

Friday, November 23, 2012 @ 05:11 PM
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I am a registered dietician working in the field of pediatric nutrition.  I have received from the (American Dietetic Association) accreditation for Child and Adolescent Weight Management. The purpose of this blog will be to relate to the public the severity of childhood obesity.

I will also focus on prevention and interventions of the epidemic. Childhood obesity has been identified by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention as an epidemic. The metabolic syndrome is closely related to childhood obesity.  It is a set of risk factors that predicts heart disease and Type 2 diabetes when the child is obese. Obese children as young as age 8 have been identified as having metabolic syndrome.  That means the child has at least three of the following risk factors: abnormally large waist size, high blood-sugar levels, low levels of HDL “good” cholesterol, high triglycerides, and high blood pressure.
“If a child at age 8 has metabolic syndrome, it will take 10 years or less for that child to become a Type 2 diabetic or develop heart disease,” Messiah tells WebMD.

As a result of my background, I have developed a much needed kid’s portion plate. The plates have individualized sections for all the food groups and are marked with amounts in each section. The portion size matters kids portion plate is now being used in homes, doctor’s offices, hospitals and schools. Using these plates helps create an interactive hands-on approach to learning proper portion control.  One of the first steps in controlling obesity.