Portion Size Plate

The “Portion Size Matters” Portion Plate

Portion Plate Dimensions

The Portion Size Matters plate teaches children recommended serving sizes that help to enforce healthy eating habits throughout the lifespan. The portion control plate by Portion Size Matters is designed for easy use. The plate has 5 sections, each one labeled for a different food group, with the correct portion measurements printed inside each section. Each section was created to hold the exact volume of the correct portion. Just fill it to the top and you are ready to eat.

Our Portion Control Plate is the perfect tool for teaching children and parents proper portion sizes. It can be used by children of all ages. From toddlers to teens, this interactive hands-on approach to learning allows children of any age to serve themselves American Dietetic Association recommended serving sizes from all food groups. The portion control plate helps children control the amount of food served because it has individualized sections for all food groups. The Portion Size Matters plate provides sections for: Fruits and Vegetables, Lean Protein, Whole Grain pasta, breads and cereals, Milk and Dairy and Fats. This plate allows the child independence while taking control of their health.

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