Deane Peck MS, RDN, LDN.

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Deane has worked in children’s obesity clinics, held positions on the Healthy Tomorrows grant that supported outreach obesity clinics specific to children, earned her ADA (American Dietetic Association) certifications for Child and Adolescent Weight Management and Adult Weight Management training.


Owns and operates her own business, Weight2Go LLC, and she also practices as a bariatric dietitian.The children’s portion plate can help teach children recommended serving sizes and reinforce healthy eating habits throughout their lifespan. This interactive hands-on approach to learning allows children of any age to serve themselves American Dietetic Association recommended serving sizes from all food groups. The plate helps children control the amount of food served because it has individualized sections for all food groups. The Portion Size Matters plate provides sections for: Fruits and Vegetables, Lean Protein, Whole Grain pasta, breads and cereals, Milk and Dairy and Fats. This plate allows the child independence while taking control of their health.

Published articles, posters and books.

Presentations and Books:
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Young, KL and Peck KD, “Creating Opportunities to Combat Obesity in Arkansas”, NICHQ (National Initiative for Children’s Healthcare Quality) New Childhood Obesity Programs, May 2006, Washington, D.C., May 2006. This was an invitational conference, with Ms. Peck as the representative for Arkansas Children’s Hospital.
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