About the Plate

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The Portion Size Matters plate is designed to help children and parents learn healthy eating habits and proper portion sizes for a growing child. The measured, labeled sections make it easy to know that your child is getting proper, balanced portions at every meal. Each section is clearly labeled for a different food group – just fill each section and you’re ready to go, no measuring cups or guesswork. It’s that simple!

Good nutrition is especially important for growing children, from toddlers to teens. Their bodies need the right nutrients, in the right amounts, so they can develop into healthy adults. The Portion Size Matters plate was created as a hands-on educational tool to be used when teaching children proper portion sizes.

  • -Available in 4 fun colors
  • -Dishwasher safe
  • -100% FDA approved BPA-free plastic
  • -Pre-measued sections for each of the major food groups

How it works

What They Eat: We have a variety of resources available on our website, from sample menus to healthy food choices. These guides are helping parents learn the basics of healthy nutrition for a child.

How Much They Eat: The Portion Size Matters plate makes deciding how much to feed your kids so easy. Using the plate on a regular basis can help parents and children become a better judge of portion control and serving sizes through hands-on learning.

Remeber every child is different, so when you are using the portion plate, be sure to work with your children to develop their own healthy eating habits.

  • Follow your child’s hunger and fullness cues
  • Provide your kids with healthy food choices
  • Let your child regulate how much they eat (within healthy boundaries)
  • Encourage physical activity

  • A Great Tool For Battling Childhood Obesity: Helpful For The Rest Of Us, Too!
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